About Pasvik Trail

Pasvik Trail is a long distance race in Norway, and is held every year at the end for March og beginning of April.  Pasvik Trail is renowned for its friendly atmosphere and unique nature experience.

Pasvik Trail starts from Svanhovd in the Pasvik Valley. The trail runs through the pine forests of the Pasvik Valley and offers everything from stretches of river along the Russian border to the mountain terrain along the Finnish border. The race has Neiden and Vaggetem as its checkpoints, before the finish, back at Svanhovd.

The first Pasvik Trail was run in 1995, a race of about 200 km. The race celebrated its tenth anniversary in 2005.  From 2002 onwards, Pasvik Trail has been a race of 250 km. The race has two classes:  one where the number of dogs is decided by the competitor, and another for 8-dog teams.  In 2002, 2005, 2007,and in 2008 the 8-dog class had the status of Norwegian Championship in long-distance dog-sledding.