Trail information

Pasvik Trail 2023, information about the trail: 240km total length.

GPS track: New GPX file coming soon.

We start at Svanhovd in Pasvikdalen April 13. The trail then goes in hilly terrain via Sagvannet, Sandneslangvannet, Ongajärvi and Enaremyra to Neiden. Where the first checkpoint is, at Neiden Fjellstue. The next stage follows the same route as into Neiden via Enaremyra and takes off just after Brannvannstjønna south towards the Finland border and further over Räjanpää, past Vestkoia and Haglklumpen to Vaggatem and Øvre Pasvik Camping, where the last checkpoint is located. The last stage takes a small turn south over Kjerrisnes, then it follows the Pasvik River straight north, crossing the road at Skjellbekken, via Markinavann, Sametimyra, Lombola and then heading east over Ytremyra towards Svanvik and the finish line at Svanhovd.

Stage lengths:

Svanhovd – Neiden: 90,2km.

Neiden – Vaggatem: 76,3km

Vaggatem – Svanhovd 79km.

Checkpoint Neiden:

Checkpoint Vaggetem: