Vet info

Chief vet:

Vet team members:

Important info from the chief veterinarian:

1: Dogs must be cough free 5 days before race start.

2: Handlers need to have money/cash to pay for any dog treatment during the race.

3: Handlers must bring a thermometer to be able to follow up on the treatment of a drop dog

4: Mushers must bring their own diarrhea-containing paste / tablets such as “Canicur”.

5: Mushers must bring deworming tablets themselves, if they want to treat the team after race.


  1. IFSS sitt antidopingreglement
  2. IFSS forbudt liste
  3. Søknad for medisineringsliste, f.eks magesår forebyggende
  4. CHIP LISTE – This should be used under Pasvik Trail 2022.